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What are some tips for studying company law for a CS executive?

21.08.20 01:40 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

A monotonous preparation can contribute largely towards depreciating your marks. Therefore, it is very important to develop and adhere to a well-structured strategy to crack the executive level of one of the most difficult professional courses. 

This article will help you gain a deep insight on ...

How do I study tax for a CS executive?

21.08.20 01:37 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

Tips to study tax for CS Executive, 
  • Practice, practice, practice as many questions as you can to cover atleast a significant percentage of the variety of questions and question banks available.

  • Indirect tax covers the GST Act. You should make it a habit to understand each and every provision as ...

What are the personal qualities that a company secretary should have?

19.08.20 04:59 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)
Personal Qualities that a company secretary should have - 
  1. Knowledge of interpretation of law.
  2. Impeccable understanding of business.
  3. In Depth knowledge of finance.
  4. Good Communication skills.
  5. Interpersonal skills.
  6. Networking skills.
  7. Organisational skills.
  8. Planning skills.
  9. Multitasking skills.
  10. Flexibility.
  11. ...

What is your strategy to study economics for CA Intermediate?

19.08.20 04:43 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

Strategy to Study economics for CA Intermediate : 
  • The subject is divided into two sections one is Financial Management and another one is Economics for Finance. Financial Management covers the major part consisting of 60 marks and Economics for Finance consists of 40 marks.

  • Start from the basic ...

How should I study to get a rank in CA intermediate?

15.08.20 05:46 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

“Practice makes a man perfect”. This should be your daily mantra while preparing for CA Intermediate examinations. You need to understand the importance of having a clear-cut strategy especially for challenging exams like CA Intermediate. In this article, you will find detailed and effective methods...

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