About the Course

 The CMA certification has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. It means Certified Management Accountant, a certification granted by the Institute of Management Accountants. Management accountants are critical for the financial health of any organisation. CMA US is specifically designed to validate your professional expertise in vast areas like financial planning, analysis, control, professional ethics and more. Earning a CMA certification shows you have the knowledge and skills needed to advance to strategic roles in finance and accounting. 

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About CMA USA Course

CMA are certified professionals qualified to areas of financial analysis and financial planning such as budgeting and forecasting, internal control, reporting, and professional ethics. Hence, the typical United States CMA work experience can be broadly summarised as follows:

  • Identify opportunities for investment management
  • Act as a mentor and supervise lower level accountants
  • Prepare financial statement – income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Make presentations to senior management
  • Create strategies to improve and manage various internal and external risks
  • Arrange funding and financing options
  • Monitor and administer compliance

Why choose CMA USA ?

Choosing any professional course comes with its own inherent values which includes the public validation for your certification and skillset. CMA USA comes with several perks in addition to this:

Head start to your career: 

Top level managers need to be strategic thinkers and risk managers. CMA equips you with the ideal skills and knowledge to rapidly advance to such positions. 

Global Recognition: 

CMA being recognised in over 100 countries serves to be your direct link to pursue a wide range of career opportunities with a wide range of multinational corporations and dynamic organisations. Receiving the management certification will help you become a certified management accountant in india and a part of the extensive network comprising of 30, 000 credentialed individuals worldwide.


CMA, being the course offered by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), gets you connected to a vibrant community of more than 1 lakh professionals around the globe.

Become AI Proof: 

With the onset of the AI era transforming business operations and management, accountants must evolve and acquire new capabilities to thrive in the industry. CMA helps you to translate in-built potential into smart business strategies.


Globally, accountants with this certification have a 62% higher average salary as compared to non-CMAs, which translates to $31,000 more each year. When you look at total compensation (health insurance, retirement, fringe benefits, etc.), that gap increases further.

Facts and Figures: 

As per a survey published on Times of India, the most preferred industries by business/commerce graduates is the Auditing & Accounting industry. The neck-to-neck competition makes it important for you to have an added edge to your qualification. In this case, CMA gives you the required edge and makes you eligible for organizations and MNCs in India and globally.


US based firms, MNCs, financial services or consulting firms are hiring CMAs with management accounting certification for key financial roles. With certified management accountant course, you can stand a chance to get employed in with MNCs and financial services in India.

Exam Flexibility: 

The exam is computerized and therefore can be available any weekday within the testing window, which open 6 months out of the 12 months in a year. The flexibility allows you to get fully prepared before attempting the exam, and can choose to take the exam at a time convenient for you.



How to Register for CMA USA?


  • Active membership in IMA (Institute of Management Accountants)
  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university or a related professional certification
  • Two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management, which can be completed after passing the exam, but are required as a final step to obtain the certification.
  • Passing Parts 1 and 2 of the CMA exams.



1. Candidates should enrol for the CMA Program through the IMA website by paying a membership fee. Click here.

2. After enrolling as a CMA Candidate, you must pay the examination fees (valid for 3 years) in order to register for the exam.

3. Once you clear both the parts of the exam, review the requirements (education and work experience) to becoming certified and prepare to submit your supporting documents.


Exam Tips for CMA USA students
Rule No. 1 is to thoroughly study the material and content covered by the examination. In addition to this, there are several general strategies you can follow to give you an added advantage.

1.Answer the questions that you know first.

2. Mark the difficult questions for later review.

3. Read each question carefully, underline and note any key words.

4. In case of MCQs, try to answer the question in your mind before actually looking at the options.

5. If you are uncertain about an answer, try to make an educated guess.

6. Answer ALL of the questions as there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

7. Keep scratch paper organised and show all your workings clearly.

8. Keep track of time.

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