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ACCA Course Overview
  • ACCA stands for Association for Chartered Certified Accountant. 
  • Founded in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification ( i.e. ACCA Course). 
  • A Chartered Certified Accountant is a profession in the field of finance and accounting. The profession keenly concentrates on auditing financial records, investing financial anomalies, financial forecasting and developing and maintaining financial systems.

FAQ of ArivuPro on ACCA Coaching in Bangalore
 How Long is the ACCA Coaching Classes ?Generally is 70 to 90 Hrs of Coaching Classes and followed by Mock Exams
 How many Students are there in ACCA BatchMax only 30 Students are Allowed for a Subject. This Ensures our Student Progression.
Will i Get ACCA Study Material ? Yes, we will be providing u with printed study material
Who are the Faculty for ACCA Classes ?All the Faculty of ArivuPro are ACCA / CA / CS / CMA USA Qualified 
What's the Schedule and Fee for the ACCA Coaching Classes in Bangalore ? Kindly Contact 9686665253 for Fee Details and Schedule 
How are ArivuPro Classes for ACCA Coaching ? Kindly check our Google Reviews you will find answers from our 250 plus students
I have selected ArivuPro for My ACCA Coaching, Whats Next ?
  1. Go to and Fill-Up the Admission Form 
  2. Pay an Advance of Rs 5,000 to Book your Seat (Limited Number of Students per Class)
  3. ArivuPro Academic Coordinator verifies the Admission Form and Sends a confirmation of admission through Email ID provided.
  4. Last Step is Important one Attend Classes as scheduled and Study Regularly
ACCA Course Details
  • ACCA Eligibility
    • To appear for the ACCA course examination a candidate should have
      • Qualified the 10+2 exams
      • An aggregate of 65% in Mathematics/Accounts and English and a minimum of 50% in other subjects
  • ACCA Course Duration
    • It takes 2 to 3 years to complete all the exams of the ACCA course. 
  • ACCA Passing Criteria , Pattern of Exam and Dates of Examination
    • Minimum of 50 percent marks in each paper.
    • F1 to F4 are MCQ’s and computer based exams (‘CBE’) and can be taken at any time during the year and remaining 9 papers are paper based exams
    • All paper based exams for papers F5 to F9 and P1 to P7 are conducted 4 times a year in the months of March, June, September and December
  • ACCA Course Fee
    • Registration fees: £79
    • Exemption fees for Applied Knowledge exams: £80
    • Exemption fees for Applied Skills exams: £106
    • Exam fee: may vary as per year and month of examination
  • ACCA Course Syllabus
  • The qualification has been divided into 2 levels (i.e. Fundamentals Level and Strategic Professional Level) with 13 exams.
  • ACCA Fundamentals Level (9 Papers further Divided into Applied Knowledge & Applied Skills)
    • Applied Knowledge [Diploma] 
      • F1 - AB Accountant in Business
      • F2 - MA Management Accounting
      • F3- FA Financial Accounting
    • Applied Skills [Advanced Diploma] 
      • F4 - LW Corporate and Business Law
      • F5 - PM Performance Management
      • F6 - TX Taxation
      • F7 - FR Financial Reporting
      • F8 - AA Audit and Assurance
      • F9 - FM Financial Management
  • ACCA Strategic Professional Level (4 Papers further Divided into Essentials  and Optional)
    • Essentials 
      • SBR Strategic Business Reporting
      • SBL Strategic Business Leader
    • Options (Complete any 2 out of 4)
      • AFM Advanced Financial Management
      • APM Advanced Performance Management
      • ATX Advanced Taxation
      • AAA Advanced Audit and Assurance
  • After ACCA Exam

    • Professional Ethics Module
      • This is an Online module which a candidate has to complete.
    • Professional Experience Requirement [PER]
      • 3 years of  professional work experience in a relevant field is mandatory in order to get the ACCA membership. 
      • PER can obtained before, during or after the ACCA course. 
Why ArivuPro for ACCA Foundation / Professional Coaching ?
Experienced Faculty
Practicing CA, CS, ACCA, Lawyers. 

Comprehensive Study Material
Complete Study guide and Student friendly material  
Counselling Sessions
Each Student is unique so we provide personalized individual counseling session which will help throughout this journey
Mocks and Exams
Weekly Tests, mocks and regular exams conducted.
App to Track Performance
Access to students and parents for better understanding of progress.
Multiple Ranks
All India and Global Ranks for various courses.
ACCA Face to Face Classes Batches @ ArivuPro
 Class Timings
   ACCA  Foundation Level Coaching Classes  Weekdays Classes
  ACCA  Professional Level Coaching Classes Weekdays, Weekends Classes
ACCA Live Online Classes in India

What is Live Online Classes ?

  • Our Live Online courses are just like the traditional classroom - an ArivuPro expert lecturer takes you through the syllabus and covers exactly the same material as in the classroom
  • See your lecturer and ask questions at any point during or after the live class
  • Small class sizes (average 20 per class)
  • All lectures are recorded so you can watch them back at any time and recap on any topics
  • Additional video tutorials covering key topics, tricky areas and subjects most likely to be examined (Call 9686665253)
Why Do the ACCA Course ?
Looking for reasons to enroll for ACCA? Go through the listed benefits to decide what's appealing for you!

  • Global Recognition
    • The ACCA Qualification is recognized all over the world. The ACCA has gained this strong recognition through building relationships with multinational organizations, overseas accounting bodies, educational institutes, governments, and organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations. This means that an ACCA member can work in any part of the world.
  • Flexibility
    • The ACCA Qualification is flexible. Its entry requirements and study options are very flexible. The study options are so flexible that you can strike a good balance between studies and work. 4 exam sessions are conducted every year – March, June, September, December. There is no requirement of minimum number of exams to be attempted. If you don't want to sit in any attempt, you can simply skip it. The ACCA gives you the freedom to complete your ACCA Qualification in 10 years from the date of registration.
  • Course
    • There is no requirement to get enrolled in an institution or to take classes.
  •  Comprehensiveness and Competence
    •  The course helps you to master technical and management skills. Its syllabus covers fields such as taxation, auditing, law, business studies, professional and ethical issues, financial management, financial reporting, and management accounting. The qualification is designed to provide a wide range of competences and skills to the students which are needed to work in a wide variety of organizations and in wide variety of work roles.
  • High Demand at a Global level
    • Organizations look for accountancy professionals who can understand the financial needs of the organization and who can evaluate and propose business solutions. The ACCA Qualification is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for finding and evaluating business solutions. This increases the demand of ACCA members and improves your career prospects.
  • Continuous Learning and Development
    • The ACCA members are required to continue their professional development throughout their life. This ensures that the knowledge and skills of the ACCA member do not become outdated. You are required to keep learning to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. This ensures that the ACCA members can work in highly volatile and rapidly changing environments.
  • Partnerships with Employers
    • The ACCA has partnerships with employers all over the world. There are over 8,500 employers approved by the ACCA that offer opportunities to the members and students. The ACCA works in collaboration with these approved employers to increase career prospects of its members.
    • ACCA is apt for accounting and financing students looking for global recognition and opportunities. If you yearn to gain a global reach for your work, ACCA is the right choice for you
How to Register with ACCA ?

•10+2 / India School Certificate / Intermediate Certificate / Higher School Certificate / Higher Secondary Certificate / Pre-University Course / Intermediate Public Examination(providing passes are held in 5 subjects (at least 3 in Year XII) including English and Mathematics / Accounts, mark of 65% in at least 2 subjects and over 50% on the others).

•All India Senior School Certificate/Senior Secondary School Examination (providing passes are held in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics / Accounts, mark of 65% in at least 2 subjects and over 50% on the others).

•You can also apply for ACCA after your bachelors degree in accounting or finance major.

What exams do I have to take to complete the ACCA Qualification?

In order to complete the ACCA Qualification and qualify as an ACCA member, you will need to complete:

1.   13 exams (exemptions are awarded based on qualifications held)

2.   3 years practical work experience

3.   The Ethics and Professional Skills module

Exam Tips for ACCA Student

With your exams just around the corner, we've put together some top ACCA Exam tips to ensure the work you've put in throughout your course really pays off in the exam hall.

Our tutors and students have identified the areas they think are key to focus on as well as other tips to help you prepare.