CPA USA Classes in Bangalore

 FAQ to ArivuPro on CPA Coaching Classes in Bangalore
What is CPA? Why do CPA ?  How to Do CPA ?             
Well, We Have answered all these Question in detail in Below Tabs. Take your time and read all info
How is ArivuPro Academy connected with CPA ?
We Provide CPA Coaching and help you register for the course and Exam with CPA
​Why ArivuPro for CPA Coaching ? and What does it Offer ?
  • Class Room / Online Coaching
  • Gleim Printed Study Notes / Last Minute Revision Kit
  • Mock Exam after Subject Completion
  • Structured Personal Counselling
  • Recorded Videos as Back Up Classes would be if Student is unable to attend the Classes due to health or College Commitment (India's First CPA Institute to Do So)
How Long is the CPA Coaching Classes Per Subject ?
Generally is 70 to 90 Hrs of Coaching Classes and followed by Mock Exams
How many Students are there in CPA Batch ?
Max only 30 Students are Allowed for a Subject. This Ensures our Student Progression.
Who are the Faculty for CPA Classes ?
All the Faculty of ArivuPro are CPA / ACCA / CA / CS / CMA USA Qualified
What's the Schedule and Fee Structure for the CPA Coaching Classes in Bangalore ?
Kindly Contact 9686665253 for Fee Details and Schedule 
What are the Batches for CPA Coaching Course @ ArivuPro ?
  • CPA Weekend Batch
How are ArivuPro Classes for CPA Coaching ?
Kindly check our Google Reviews you will find answers from our 250 plus students.  Demo Video  -
Our Current College Association ?
I have selected ArivuPro for My CPA Coaching, Whats Next ?
  1. Goto and Fill-Up the Admission Form 
  2. Pay an Advance of Rs 25,000 to Book your Seat (Limited Number of Students per Class)
  3. ArivuPro Academic Coordinator verifies the Admission Form and Sends a confirmation of admission through Email ID provided.
  4. Last Step is Important one Attend Classes as scheduled and Study Regularly
Everything You Need To Know About CPA Course
​​​What is CPA ? & What CPA Stands for ?
  • CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. 
  • Is a license issued by one of the 55 states or territories of US – which authorize holder to practice as a certified public accountant in that jurisdiction. It is designed by AICPA (American Institute of CPA’s) and NASBA (National Association of State Board of Accountancy, USA) to ensure only qualified individuals become CPA’s. The program which is similar to Chartered Accountancy program in India, is designed to ensure that only qualified individuals become CPA’s, equipping the individuals to have a thorough knowledge of Accounting principles of US.
How many Levels in CPA Course ?
  • The Qualification has been divided into just 4 Subjects Only
What is the  Eligibility Criteria to appear for CPA ?
  • To appear for the CPA course examination a candidate should have
    • Most Indian B.Com graduates are eligible to take the CPA exams
    • 120 Credits for US CPA Exam & 150 Credits for US CPA License 
    • Minimum education requirements for US CPA exams and license: 
      • General rule: 
        • Every year of university education in India is equivalent to 30 semester credits of US education. 
        • Using 1 year = 30 credits, B.Com = 3 years x 30 credits = 90 credits
        • Exception: If B.Com is completed in 1st division from a NAAC ‘A’ university, the 3-year B.Com would be treated as 4 years of US education, i.e., 120 credits for B.Com alone 
        • B.Com + M.Com/MBA = 90/120 credits + 60 credits = 150/180 credits
        • B.Com + CA/CS/CWA = 90/120 credits + 60 credits = 150/180 credits
What is the Average Duration of CPA Course ?
It takes 1 to 1.5 years to complete all the exams of the CPA course. 
How much cost would CPA Course Fee be ?
  • Foreign Academic Credential Evaluation - $300
  • CPA Exam Application Fees - $950 
  • Exam Fee - $1500
  • (Please Note: This fee is paid to CPA and does not include Coaching Fee)
What is the CPA Course Syllabus ?
  • The Qualification has been divided into 4 Papers
  • BEC - Business Environment & Concepts
  • AUD - Auditing & Attestation
  • REG - Regulation Applied Skills [Advanced Diploma]
  • FAR - Financial Accounting & Reporting
What's CPA Passing Criteria and Pattern of Exam ? & When Can the Exam can Attempted ?
  • Objective pattern – FAR / AUD / REG = 100% objective & BEC = 85% objective
  • Passing score of 75 on each part (on a scale of 0-99) 
  • Global Pass Rate > 45% 
  •  FAR / AUD / REG / BEC are computer based exams (‘CBE’) and can be taken at any time during the year
Who Should do CPA ?
  • Good English Communication and Written Skill
  • Academically Decent
  • Alternative to CA 
​​Why do CPA ?
  • Global Recognition
  • Earn a Good Salary
  • Aquire Good Knowledge in Finance, Tax, Audit
What Does a CPA Do ?
  • Scope of a hardcore CPA would be
    • Auditing
    • Financial & Cost Accounting
    • Taxation
    • Management Accounting
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