How do I study tax for a CS executive?

21.08.20 01:37 PM By ArivuPro

Tips to study tax for CS Executive, 
  • Practice, practice, practice as many questions as you can to cover atleast a significant percentage of the variety of questions and question banks available.

  • Indirect tax covers the GST Act. You should make it a habit to understand each and every provision as it is an easy area to score.

  • Direct tax, which covers the Income Tax Act, 1961 must be studied diligently. You can concentrate more on relatively important chapters which includes, but not restricted to Basic Concepts, Residential Status, Salaries, Income from House Property.

  • Profits and Gains from Business and Profession is a vast chapter which requires efficient allocation of time. Therefore, it is not advisable to keep this for the last minute.

  • Section numbers of important provisions must be memorised.

General Guidelines:

  • The institute study material must be your primary reference point. Read and practice the study material thoroughly until you are affirmative of your strong concept base.

  • Make your revisions easier by organising your content in the way comfortable for you. You can use bullet points, post-its, highlighters etc to make important concepts stand out of the vast syllabus.

  • For practical subjects, prepare a mistake book where you can write down all the mistakes that you have committed while attempting a question. Mark all the questions along with the problems you faced while attempting.

  • While reading theory subject, rather than doing plain reading, draw charts and make summaries so that everything can be recalled just by having a look at it. 

  • Before picking up any chapter, figure out the weightage & the important areas of it.

  • Amendments in law are always considered important from the exam viewpoint.

I hope this information was helpful.