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What are the ways to study maths and law for the CA foundation?

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Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics - 

  • Practice makes it perfect should be your motto towards approaching this paper. Mastering each question should be your motive. Mathematics, Statistics are more technical whereas Logical Reasoning is more analytical. 

  • Maintain a stud...

What is your strategy to study economics for CA Intermediate?

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Strategy to Study economics for CA Intermediate : 
  • The subject is divided into two sections one is Financial Management and another one is Economics for Finance. Financial Management covers the major part consisting of 60 marks and Economics for Finance consists of 40 marks.

  • Start from the basic ...

How should I study to get a rank in CA intermediate?

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“Practice makes a man perfect”. This should be your daily mantra while preparing for CA Intermediate examinations. You need to understand the importance of having a clear-cut strategy especially for challenging exams like CA Intermediate. In this article, you will find detailed and effective methods...

What are some subject-wise tips to clear the CA foundation in the 1st attempt?

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Cracking CA Foundation comes with a few simple pre-requisites like:

  • Preparing well and thoroughly understanding the concepts.
  • Studying consistently and sticking to the time-table.
  • Preparing revision notes.
  • Repeated revisions.
  • Focusing on presentation skills and more. 

  1. Principles and Practices of Acco...

What is the pattern of CA EXAM?

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A Chartered Accountant is a profession in the field of finance, tax and accounting. The profession keenly concentrates on preparation & auditing financial records, investing financial anomalies, financial forecasting, Tax planning, developing and maintaining financial system

The pattern of CA exa...