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What is the scope of CIMA?

28.08.20 05:02 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

  • A Chartered Accountant is a profession in the field of Corporate Finance , Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, Project Finance, Treasury Management, Risk Management etc.
  • In collaboration with the CPA (USA) institute,  CIMA members receive an additional qualification-...

What are the ways to study maths and law for the CA foundation?

28.08.20 04:49 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

Ways to study maths and law for the CA Foundation - 

Maths - 

  • Practice makes it perfect should be your motto towards approaching this paper. Mastering each question should be your motive. Mathematics, Statistics are more technical whereas Logical Reasoning is more analytical. 

  • Maintain a...

Is there any online app for CA CPT exam preparation?

26.08.20 01:48 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

Yes, there is an Online App for CA CPT Preparation called - ARIVUPRO APP

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Why do you choose a CMA USA?

26.08.20 01:35 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

I choose CMA US Because,

  1. The CMA certification has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. It means Certified Management Accountant, a certification granted by the Institute of Management
  2. Accountants. Management accountants are critical for the finan...

Why did you select company secretary as a profession?

20.07.20 05:22 PM By ArivuPro - Comment(s)

Why i choose company secretary as a profession because, 

  • A Company Secretary is a profession in the field of Secretarial, Compliance and Governance. 
  • The profession ensures that Board procedures are both followed and regularly reviewed and provides guidance to Chairman and the Dire...