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What is the duration of CMA India? Is it a good program?

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A Cost & Management Accountant is a profession in the field of Cost, finance, tax and accounting. The profession keenly concentrates on preparation & auditing Cost records, investing Cost anomalies, financial forecasting, Financial planning, developing and maintaining financial system...

What is the CMA US fee structure in India?

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How much cost would CMA US Course Fee for Students be ?

  • IMA Membership Fee (for students = 3 years;) = $117
  • CMA Certification Entrance Fee = $188
  • CMA Exam fees (Part 1 & Part 2) = $622
  • Total  IMA fees = $927 (Approx Rs 70,000)

How much cost would CMA US Course Fee for Professional be ?

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What is the overall fee of a company secretary course?

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The total fees for CS Course : - 

How much cost would CSEET Course Fee be ?

  • Registration cum Exam fee:  1000 Rs

How much cost would CS Executive Course Fee be ?

  • Registration fee:  10000 Rs
  • Exam fee: 2500 Rs

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Online Classes or Face to Face Classes for CA, CS, CMA Course ? Which is Better

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Now-a-days, A big dilemma is going on between the students of CA, CS, CMA, that whether to take online virtual classes or face to face classes?

Well, in this era of technology there is a huge revolution in the manner of teaching as well as learning, thought processes among students, work style. So, i...


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CMA USA as it is one of the most valuable professional Course .The job opportunities are immense as in the current , business growing economy every organization requires at least one Cost accountant for their business. But before we get to the opportunities after CMA USA let us try to understand...