What is the total cost of becoming a cima, with and without tuitions?

24.07.20 05:50 PM By ArivuPro

There are four categories of fees that a candidate has to pay while pursuing the course.
  • Registration Fees: New students pay a one-time registration fee, which includes their first year’s.
  • Subscription Fee: Note: The CIMA subscription year runs from 1st January until 31st December.Subscription fees: To study CIMA you need to pay an annual subscription which is due on 1 January each year.
  • Exam Fees: The student has to pay exam fees for every examination.
  • Exemption Fees: If a candidate is entitled to any exemptions he/she needs to pay exemption fee per paper being exempted. It is usually equivalent to the exam fees of the corresponding paper.
  • Total costs over three years: GBP 5,302
(Please Note: This fee is paid to CIMA and does not include Coaching Fee)

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