What are some tips for learning accounting?

09.07.20 07:25 PM By ArivuPro

Important tips to learn accounting : -

  1. Workout all the problems without fail.
  2. Understand the accounting concepts.
  3. Make a habit of group study for accounting and practical subjects and learn each other.
  4. Making use of class time and doing homework sums.
  5. Practice basic accounting like recording debits and credits and setting up and maintaining ledgers.
  6. Know the Accounting golden rules'
  7. Start from the basic theory and formulas of the chapters so that you can easily solve the difficult level questions.
  8. It is always better to start and be done with the small and easy chapters first.
  9. Preparing well and thoroughly understanding the concepts.
  10. Practice is the key to success in this case of this subject. You need to keep practicing questions, even repeatedly, to improve your analytical and conceptual knowledge.
  11. Take down the notes and also note down examples which teachers taught you in class which will be easy to understand while practicing.
  12. Recognize the purpose of solving problems.
  13. Refer only one study material.
  14. Go for solving problems instead of mugging up.
  15. Try understanding "Why" before solving sums.

I hope this information was helpful.
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