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“Do not wait: the time will never be “just right”as rightly said in the words of Sir Napoleon Hill should be imbibed in our daily lives. Time flies. It flies without mercy and without waiting for you while you push your pause button.

Chartered Accountancy, despite being the tedious course that it is, often draws an odd misconception amongst students because of the preparation time it offers. CA aspirants easily and very conveniently falls into the trap of procrastination because of the long preparation time period. By the time you fall back to the present with heavy realisations, you’ve already scraped past several exam attempts.

What can CA students do to avoid making this huge mistake? Here are a few points to consider for your benefit:

1.  Prepare your mind for the storm that’s coming. Keep reminding yourself about the toughness of the exams and the rigorous practice required to ace it. Getting and retaining focus is the first milestone to exam preparation.

2.  Making a conscious effort to research properly and pick a quality coaching centre. Students often make the mistake of following the crowd, but you should understand that while each CA institute has its own worth, you should analyse what works the best for you to save your time, energy and efficiency.

3.  On the above note, it is also important to remember that you don’t bombard yourself with numerous reference books. Make an effort to talk to your professors or experienced seniors to understand the pros and cons of the reference material available in the market and make an informed choice before you decide to buy one.

4.  Skipping classes and not making a study routine can lead to slackening efforts. You might feel that a day or two wouldn’t matter but without realising it, it alters your routine to a large extent. Hence coming up with a study routine and sticking to it is very important for your CA exams preparation.

5.  Studying unsystematically and dumping everything for the last moment, rigorously googling “How to prepare for CA exams in the last 1 month?”, “How to crack CA Intermediate within 1 month preparation?”, “How to prepare for CA Foundation?”, calling up friends and teachers in desperation, and getting demotivated at the end once nothing works out are common agitations seen amongst students.

6.  Practice makes a man perfect is the most appropriate saying for exam preparation. Not only will it improve your writing and presentation skills, it will also help you to save time and get faster with every time you put in effort.

7.  Avoiding the institute’s (ICAI) RTPs and MTPs are a huge mistake made in the fear of stressing out before the exam. Doing such material given by the institute will only help you fetch more marks as it is a well noticed trend for the exam question papers to contain questions taken from such material.

8.  Avoid the grave mistake of not making condensed and personalised notes of the syllabus. The CA syllabus being very vast, it is only natural to take a lot of time to cover each topic. Hence, keeping notes for every topic of every subject will help you to revise the papers with efficiency.

9.  You must understand that the school minded-like studying approach won’t work well while preparing for your CA exams. You cannot expect yourself to mug up and remember 100% of your syllabus. Rather, as a CA aspirant your aim should be to understand relevant topics on an application and practical level, giving due importance for theoretical terminologies.

10.The last thumb rule is to eat well and sleep well, it’s only common sense that your brain will only function well if its support system is maintained with due care.

Hope you keep these small exam preparation tips in your mind throughout your preparation period to stay focused. It’s true what they say, that it’s bad news that time flies, but the good news is that you’re the pilot. So, gear up, gain control and take off!



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