Is company secretary a good career option to take up, and what are the advantages of being a company secretary in India?

15.08.20 01:50 PM By ArivuPro

Yes, it is good career option to take up company secretary because , A Company Secretary is a profession in the field of Secretarial, Compliance and Governance. The profession ensures that Board procedures are both followed and regularly reviewed and provides guidance to Chairman and the Directors on their responsibilities under various laws.

If you have good judgmental quality, legal aptitude, interest in current affairs and good administrative ability then company secretary is an ideal career path for you.

Advantages of CS in India - 

  • Earn a Good Salary
  • Job Security 
  • Aquire Good Knowledge in Law, Compliance, Secretarial
  • Highly Respected Profession
  • Entrepreneurial 
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Better interactions with higher authorities
  • Professional profile
  • No Stress
  • Mentally Strong and Capable of Handling Pressure
  • Academically Good
  • Scope of a hardcore CS would be
    • Secretarial
    • Regulatory Compliance

I hope this information was helpful.