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There’s a Chinese proverb that says “Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere” Similarly all the knowledge that you have gained during your Articleship will act as treasure for starting up your professional career. All the CA Fresher will be in a dilemma as to what Next after CA?

As you have recently Qualified Chartered Accountancy and you would like start your professional career but not sure as to what to do next or what are the career opportunities that you can explore that best suits your personality and expectations from this career.


Since, you will be competing with best of best CAs out there, it is necessary to have additional professional skills that shall differentiate you among the rest.


You should be clear as to what you shall be choosing as your career be it whether joining an industry or starting up your own practice and if you choose to start your own practice then which line of services you wish to go about.


There are enormous opportunities after CA and few of them is listed below:



  •   This is one of the most common and very challenging aspect where a newly chartered accountant under goes. in current scenario as the competition is huge and it is very difficult to start alone unless you have sufficient funds to set up office.
  • Even in the cases of sufficient funds available, the sole proprietor has to meet the requirements of client and the pressure has to be borne all alone which seems to be really difficult , the alternate way can be  starting up practice with at least four more partners or join an existing firm as a partner(requirements has to be met such as number of years of experience in that firm).
  • If you are very much keen on starting your own firm you can explore in the areas of

TAXATION- international taxation,GST, Direct tax

MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY- project financing, mergers Acquisition, Valuation

AUDITING- Statutory audit of companies, Internal Audit, Cooperative Audit , Forensic audit .



  • For Many CA freshers this option might interest them. Any CA would love to become a partner in a global audit/tax/Consultancy Firm.
  • But journey is very hard, as you should work in that Organization with consistency, determination and attain various positions such as manager to senior manager to associate director and then to the partner.
  • There is more chances were many of them would like to leave the Organization in few years but, if you pursue to work in the same Organization then no body can stop you from becoming a partner.



  • Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream of every individual out there and it is achievable with commitment and determination to not give up and bring out something exceptional to the business world.  If you are a CA and you have a  Start up idea, that you think your product/service might work in the market then Why not?
  •  But before that one should have suffice experience in that industry and should cultivate various skills such innovation, creativity, business mind and analytical skills.


  • This is the most popular career path that the current generation chooses to kick start their career. there are plenty of opportunities in manufacturing, Automobile ,Information technology and so on.
  • One of the challenges is to meet the requirements of the employer and perform consistently well in the organization.
  •  By satisfying the requirements you can also attain position like Chief financial officer for that matter.



  • Many of the students wish to take up Civil services exam who are interested in government jobs They can end up in the role of IRS, or attain position like President of income tax appellate tribunal or SEBI(Securities exchange board of India) and this can be attained by working in organization for longer period of time



  •  This is a best option for students who have keen interest in stock market, forex , derivatives with regards to banks or NBFCs.
  • You shall get to a chance to work with global clients and get great exposure. You would be able to work in the areas such as portfolio management, credit rating and so on.



  •   Individuals who are interested in the field of Risk management, Policy of insurance and other insurance field.
  • Requirement of Financial Knowledge is most important in this career path.



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Companies are owned by shareholders ie people who have invested or bought shares from the company. The Company Secretary, provides assistance  to Board of directors in formulating policies and course of actions that is to be implemented for the company. When it comes to managerial and compliance aspects, company secretary of the organization plays a major role.


Company secretaries in India are regulated by ICSI(Institute of Company secretaries in India)


As the prefix of CS comes with lot efforts, the duty and responsibilities becomes even more tougher when you enter the Corporate world. The responsibilities of CS Involves working from legal aspects to entirely taking care of business.


There are Enormous Career Opportunities in India for students who have completed company secretary course. Most of you would prefer joining Top Notch companies that provide you handsome salaries at the same time some of you would prefer starting your own practice after attaining Membership from ICSI.


ArivuPro Academy lists down Career opportunities For Company Secretaries in India and it as follows :

1.          CS PRACTISE

  •           Company Secretary can start his/her own firm if he/she has proper skills and knowledge.
  • Company secretary in practice deals with promotion, formation, Incorporation to Signing of Annual return of the companies.
  • This Career path requires Company Secretaries to consistently perform well in order to retain the existing clients as well as to expand the line of services of the firm.


2.          LEGAL EXPERT

  •      Company secretary as a legal expert, Provides assistance to company with regards to all legal aspects of the company.
  • Company secretary also, has to make sure that company abides or complies with statutory requirements and corporate laws.



  •       Company secretary can also act as a corporate planner in the organization. The role involves finding ways for expansion aspects for the company and forming growth strategies for the organization.
  • Further, Company secretary can work on merger or acquisition, Take overs and joint ventures  and so on.

4.          CHIEF ADVISOR

  • Company secretaries can also be appointed as Chief advisor for  Board of Directors. Chief Advisor role comes with lots of responsibilities as it deals with providing expert advice to Board of directors.
  • Company secretary helps Board of Directors in setting up rules and regulations . In addition, company secretary deals with planning course of actions that has to be implemented by Board of directors.



  •      Company secretary can work as a manager in risk management in an organization. It is termed as one of the key role in an organization.
  •      Company secretary’s role in risk management is to ensure that all the risk is mitigated by way of better Compliances,regulatory compliance, good corporate governance structures.


  • CS as Chief administrative officer, Company secretary will be expected to take care of all the administrative aspects of the company.
  •  Company secretary will be responsible for safe keeping of all the legal and other confidential documents of the company.    



  •           Company secretary as Principal Secretary of the organization, will be managing all the Corporate meetings (Annual or Board as the case may be) also interacting with important clients , government or other private delegations.
  • Principal Secretary will also be given responsibility to manage Corporate events and clients.



  • This is one of the key role any Company secretary attains. This role comes with lots of responsibility as Company secretary will put together short term and long term policies for the company.
  •   Corporate Policy maker can also advice the company’s  board on reports done on existing policies on regular basis.        

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Each and every BCOM OR BBA graduate undergo this thought at least once in their college life.

Some prefer doing , simultaneously with their graduate degree or choose to do after graduation. Most of you would want to know as to how, Earning an ACCA Certification will Shape your career path. ACCA Certification opens up a world of Opportunities for you. Be it starting your own consultancy or getting into Big 4s or attaining a good position in organization.


As most of you would want to work for an organization or looking for career opportunities in India as well as abroad after ACCA. This blog post aims to provide the most exciting job profiles that you can attain after ACCA Certification.



·  Financial accountant, you will be asked to analyse financial information with the assistance of cash flow statements and balance sheets.

·  You are also responsible for preparing the organization’s financial statements for external parties like tax and regulations authorities, creditors, shareholders and investors.

·  You will also be expected to create business strategies to increase revenue and profit.



·  Management Accountant are responsible for recognizing, measuring, assessing, and communicating the financial information. So you’ll be expected to critically analyse the financial position and organizational information or data that is used for formulating important business decisions.

·  Even though this job profile seems a bit similar to financial accountant the difference between these two is, management accountant analyses the critical organizational information data to internal management of the organization.



·  Corporate treasurer, you will be expected for ensuring that organization has suffice capital to meet their obligations. You’ll also work on investment opportunities, fund management for expansion purposes , financial risk .

·  If In a finance market you will be working on mergers and acquisitions.

·  As a Corporate treasurer you will be into Capital markets and funding, liquidity and cash management, corporate financial management, risk management, treasury operations.



·  Assistant Accountant , has to report to the financial director or financial Controller in an Organization.

·  You’ll be expected to do the Book keeping , Handling the organizational financial accounts. You’ll be dealing with managing all the incoming payments, recording them and preparing all the financial and salary statements.



·  Financial controller are also termed as “Financial Comptrollers”. They are usually senior executives in an organization. Being a Financial Controller you will be given the responsibility to ensure that all the financial records and books of the organization complies with the business and legal requirements.

·   In addition, you will be dealing with Compliance Audit, Budgeting Process and Financial data.



·  Financial manager is responsible for taking care for financial health of the organization. This job role requires Multi-Tasking skills as you will expected to work on various things such as creating business reports, financial statement, analysing the financial reports to find reduction in costs, evaluating market trends to recognize expansion or investment opportunities and so on.




·   Forensic Accountant are really great with their investigation skills. If you wish to choose this as your Career path you’ll be asked to examine the Organization’s financial reports and statements. Other responsibilities as follows :

o  Examining the assets ,liabilities and resources of an organization.

o  Ensuring the organization’s financial statements are accurate

o  Collecting financial information and carrying out forensic investigations, Preparing forensic reports that can be used at a future date.



·   A CFO is a Senior executive who is responsible for managing the financial operations in an organization. CFO deals with three major responsibility ie

o  Management and Budgeting.- oversees the preparation of budgets, allocating resources in an effective manner and deciding pay-scales for employees.

o  Accounting and reporting.- Financial analysis and management duties

o  Strategy and planning.- CFO collaborating with CEOs, Board members to analyse productivity and improve efficiency.


·   This job role is usually found in professional accounting or services firms. those who have keen interest in the field of tax this is the job profile.

·  Your duty of a tax specialist is to advise clients on tax law at local and international levels and also personally and professionally. You will also be responsible for assisting organizations in meeting their taxation requirements.



In Conclusion, After Earning an ACCA Certification opens up a world of Opportunities for you. So buckle up and get that ACCA Certification and it shall take you places.


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