30.07.19 04:21 PM By ArivuPro

Focused in 2 versatile fields, ACCA and CS are 2 professional courses taken up by many numbers of students in the present. If you are confused about which field would fit you best and want a detailed comparison of the two to help you arrive at a decision, you have come to the right place. What are the key factors which sets apart the 2 professional courses?

  • ACCA qualifiers gets a global reach and recognition whereas the career of a CS is more or less restricted within the boundaries of Indian law, rules, practices and regulations. Therefore, if you are more focused on attaining a global presence, then ACCA will be more suited for you than CS.
  • A CS does not require crunching too many numbers as the course is more theoretical and therefore suits students from varied courses. Whereas, ACCA course demand quantitative and technical skills for its successful completion.
  • Ease of writing exams: ACCA exams are held every quarter, thus making it easier for the students to choose when to give each paper, that is, it works according to the requirement of the examinees. CS exams are conducted only twice every year and it must be attempted as a module and not as individual papers.
  • Compared to ACCA, the CS course is comparatively more economical. Thus, you can say that the initial investment required to take up ACCA is quite high, especially considering the annual subscription and exemption fees. ACCA fee structure is further subject to conversion rate changes.
  • Your interest in the field of law and accounts will deeply determine the path you want to choose. If you are a student who is good with numbers and accounting, ACCA is the right course for you. On the other hand, if your theoretical knowledge and skills are on point, law is the right field for you.

While ACCA gives a solid foundation in accounting principles, CS gives you expertise in the field of corporate law and governance. ACCA is particularly useful for audit, tax and accounts with the added advantage of an open global market. On the other hand, if you are extremely good at legislation, compliances and regulations, then CS is the best option for you. So sit down and list down your interests and career goals, compare it with the knowledge of facts you just absorbed and decide what is best for you.




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