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A Company Secretary acts as the supporting pillar to the management of a company. Earlier the job of a Company Secretary used to be limited to just providing support to the directors of the company. In today’s growing economy, the role of a CS has diversified into various areas, increasing the scope and opportunities of the profession. Apart from providing support to the directors, a CS also has to take care of corporate governance and legal matters also. 

What are the benefits of becoming a CS? Why should you choose Company Secretaryship?

  • Salary/Pay: The salary in this field is very high, considering the fact that a CS comes under the list of Key Managerial Personnel under the Companies Act, 2013. The field has continuous scope of improvement and hence, the potential for high salary remains a constant factor.

  • Demand: Adding to the previous point, the demand for Company Secretaries is always persistent because of the mandate of provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. A robust system of compliance management as well as following the best global practices of Corporate Governance is a must for a corporate entity today.

  • CS is a professional course which has a lot of value and prestige associated with it. 

  • Work: There are generally very less over-time shifts and the work hours are generally fixed. When it comes to company secretary job, there is no stress of deadlines or meeting requirements. Even though this job role has important administrative work to be done, it has nothing to be done within the given time limit.

  • There are various opportunities in several industries. CS covers a variety of fields including advisory services on Corporate, Legal, Secretarial, Administrative and even Tax related matters within the company. A CS can also explore areas like accountancy and solicitor’s firms, bank and building societies, employer’s cooperatives, insurance companies, investment sectors, trade bodies etc.

  • The vast syllabus of learning inculcates a habit of keeping yourself well-read and updated at each and every point of time and this habit will help your professional life in numerous obvious ways.

  • Fees: The course fee structure is very low and is worth pursuing considering the heavy return on investment.


A company secretary takes care of all the practices in an organization in order to ensure the organization’s legal and financial acceptance. He has expertise in security laws, corporate governance, corporate laws and so forth. A company secretary is a well-reputed and a high-responsibility job. There lies tremendous opportunities and a good starting salary for a company secretary in today’s world.  Hence, Company Secreteryship is the most fitting career opportunity for every student who is interested in the field of law and is willing to work with dedication and hardwork to gain the title. The course has a lot of honour and social status attached to it and hence, is a professional course worth taking.

  If you hold a legal aptitude, good communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the career as a company secretary can prove to be very effectual indeed. 


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