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It is nothing but a well-known fact that CA is not a piece of cake. CA requires a lot of hard work, CA is like walking on the bed of burning charcoals, CA requires burning the midnight oil, CA takes out the life within you, CA makes everything seem monotonous are few amongst the millions and millions of woes raised against this professional course by its aspirants. If this is the case, then why should anybody voluntarily take up this tedious course? 

CA, over and above the social status and prestige associated with the 2 letters, has a wide range of benefits, both personal and professional, associated with it. With respect to your professional life, CA has the following prominent benefits:

  • Stability: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India was set up by an act of the parliament and only CAs have the right to do statutory audits of companies. Hence, the job conditions and availability are not compromised by the prevalent conditions of the economy.
  • Low Initial Investment: Focusing on the financial aspect brings us to the low cost associated with doing the Chartered Accountancy course. The course fee structure is very low compared to all other courses available in the market and is worth pursuing considering the heavy return on investment.
  • Status: The tag “CA” highlights honour and respect. The societal appreciation and status associated with the course is high enough to make you feel like you’re on top of the world.
  • Versatility: The versatility of areas in which a CA can expertise in gives a boost to the pros of the course. CAs can work not only in the field of audit, but also in fields of tax, financial advisory, management, accounting, investment banking, consultation, information system audit etc.
  • Early Experience: 3 years of mandatory articleship develops your interpersonal and technical skills at an exponential rate. The level of exposure and experience you can potentially get in the corporate world also significantly increases because of the “CA” tag you hold.
  • Holistic Presence: You will find chartered accountants working in every part of the economy, providing advice and financial expertise that informs and guides the managements engaged in various industries.
  • Knowledge: The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it gives the students vast and deep-rooted knowledge about a variety of subjects ranging from accountancy, audit, tax, legal laws and financial management.

The course also helps you develop as a person in a lot of ways. CA as a course upkeeps the legitimacy of the old saying “There is no shortcut to success”. Becoming a CA requires a lot of hard work, dedication and determination. This quality which is developed over the course of years shapes you into a 100% focused and goal-oriented person. CA also imbibes in you a constant thirst for knowledge; every new subject cause excitement and every new concept keeps you in awe. The vast syllabus and the never-ending process of learning inculcates a habit of keeping yourself well-read and updated at each and every point of time and this habit will help your professional life in numerous obvious ways. It also helps you master time management, stress management and discipline. The most important benefit is the kind of effect it has on your mental strength and willpower. Over the years, it definitely moulds you into a holistically enhanced and skilled human being. 

Chartered Accountancy is a prestigious course, which upon completion has the potential to give you ample knowledge, glory and success. Apart from the amazing facts and benefits associated with the course as mentioned above, it demands patience, hardwork, confidence and logical reasoning. The profession is definitely worth taking; it’s fruitful and accurately upholds the phrase “hardwork always pays”.

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