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Rule No. 1 is to thoroughly study the material and content covered by the examination. In addition to this, there are several general strategies you can follow to give you an added advantage.

1.Answer the questions that you know first.
2. Mark the difficult questions for later review.
3. Read each question carefully, underline and note any key words.
4. In case of MCQs, try to answer the question in your mind before actually looking at the options.
5. If you are uncertain about an answer, try to make an educated guess.
6. Answer ALL of the questions as there is no penalty for incorrect answers.
7. Keep scratch paper organised and show all your workings clearly.
8. Keep track of time.

Here are a few detailed tips to keep in mind while writing your essay answers:

1. Begin by writing key words, thoughts, facts, figures, and anything else that can be used to answer the question.
2. Read the entire question for requirements. Note that you may have more than one task— for example, define ABC and interpret its applicability to XYZ.
3. Begin your answer with one or two sentences that directly answer the question.
4. Make it as easy as possible for graders to give you points. The goal in grading is to award you points, so show your thinking clearly and effectively, detailing any calculations. You can only receive the maximum points the question is worth. Therefore, it is possible to achieve a good score even if you have an incorrect calculation provided you have shown enough other information that the grader can award points for.

5. Proofread your answer for logic, thoroughness, and clarity. It is very important to make sure that the grader will be able to easily follow your thinking and understand your answer.

6. Do not leave a question blank. If you do not have enough time to write a full response, write an outline of your main points to show what you know in order to get partial credit.

7. Use cut/paste or copy/paste functions only within a single question. These functions do not work across questions and can lead to data being lost. If you find your answer to Question 1 also answers Question 2, write “see my answer to Question 1”.

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