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I won’t tell you the soppy old like that…there is another day…rise & shine…don’t give up…Its only a stepping stone….blah blah blah… coz that’s boring! Rather I want you to go ahead & fail, go out there & make mistakes, make choices, take those wrong turns, and do whatever you want to do, but do it mindfully. Mindfulness is an act of complete understanding that I, and I alone is responsible for the misfortune or fortune in my life & that what I’m today is nothing but a culmination of my choices. However, sadly there have been many cases where people talk a daring language but later blame others or their situations for the outcomes in their lives, total hypocrites!

As a young person, watching your peers get better in life & feel a sense of pang in your heart is quite natural, & if you don’t feel a thing like this than, my friend you’re pretending. Pretention may take you a few steps ahead, but definitely in the long run will make you jealous, envious or probably anti-social. You may start getting astray from reality & may get involved in unwanted & irredeemable worse, eventually wasting your life. So don’t let your temporary breaks get into you that seriously. What is most important is life & this understanding that your life is as precious as any others’. So when you fail, you have two options, to take the easy path or the difficult one. The easy one leads to no good & ultimately results in causing further more failures to you & you succumb to fear of ever trying a new thing; while the difficult one is a way where you try the same thing differently.

Mr. Shiv Khera, a renowned speaker, said “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”. So if it’s your passion & you really love doing what you do, yet aren’t getting their yet, it’s time to think. Think but do not doubt. A doubt is like a single lit match stick in a forest, however dense it may be, it can be burnt inside out. On the other and if you think you have given your all, & still it isn’t moving in your desired direction, you may chose something else. I want you to understand that it is not cowardice, but wisdom that is the cause of such decision. It is absolutely alright to do many things; you do not have to restrict yourself. You may be a data scientist, yet your love for cricket may draw you to the cricket ground on weekends; or you may be a Chartered accountant but you love to play the guitar & may be part of a band; or you may be a lawyer who has a passion for interior designing & you decorate your house & may be your friends’, there may be many stories. So should we call them a failed cricketer or a failed musician or a failed interior designer? No, right! I would like to call them people who have not stopped living their dreams…

When you fail once, twice, thrice…You may lose all confidence or you may spring right up on your feet. You know what I think…? I think one should fail stupendously, in a way that everyone around remembers. I believe that the fight that one puts up is more important than the goal. I feel & some of you may also agree with me that those butterflies in the stomach are much more fun & memory-struck than when you have it your hands; the delight of the victory will fade away eventually, but the struggle to reach there will ever remain within you.

Failure is not that bad, it is only overhyped. It is the perfect ground to learn, unlearn & re-learn. It is that battle ground which prepares you for the upcoming awesomeness. It takes experience to say & I’m saying this with a little of what I have gathered that victory is even sweeter if there is toil behind it. Remember, what Roosevelt stated, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well”.

Become someone whose failures find their ways to textbooks & that day rejoice coz, you failed so well that it has shaped into a case study & your life is nothing but a celebration coz you are no one but a celebrity.

So don’t be just a failure…Become a celebrated failure…Become a prodigious failure!

Ms. Agrata Mukherjee


Business Development - Head

Arivu Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd.


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