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Chartered Accountant mainly known as CA , Is phenomenon course for every student who loves accountancy. From a CA foundation student to CA final The amount of hard work that needs to be put is immense.  To help CA aspirants , ArivuPro  puts forth Blog on Useful mobile application that every CA student should have in order to prepare well in the examination

The Most Useful Mobile phone Application that every student should have in the smart phone as follows :

  •  ICAI Now

ICAI Now Is a application that is developed by ICAI(Institute of chartered accountants of India) recently that keeps up with all the latest trends and technological aspect in order to assist its  CA students and CA members.

ICAI Now provides all the latest updates , CA Announcements, News  , Events and notification. ICAI now is most reviewed and recommended app for every CA Aspirant.

Notifications are categorised in a systematic format that enables the  students to access easily

  • Fin App

This Mobile Application is majorly used by most of the CA students. It is prepared and introduced from the perspective of CA students. This application provides all the recent and important announcements that are most useful for CA Aspirants.

It Provides all the important chapters, Mock test papers, test series that benefits CA aspirants in a great way. This is the most well reviewed app by CA Students and it has helped them in unmeasurable way.

  • My Test – CA

Wanna know where you stand when compared with your CA Friends? If you said yes, then this app is mostly made for you. My Test- CA enables you to test your level of preparation for CA Exams for Foundation, Intermediate and Final. You got to attempt one mock test and you shall be able to compare with your other CA mates. From the results You Shall able to analyse your Mock test and enables you to work on weaknesses.

  •  CA Study

CA Study app is introduced by Un academy which is known as one of the country’s largest online education platform. it is mostly student friendly and exclusively created for CA students. It provides Student notes, E material. It not only provides ICAI updates but also motivational articles that keeps CA students motivated in turn brings confidence in them.

  • EduRev's CA CPT Preparation for aspirants.

It  mainly focuses on CA-CPT/Foundation Students .

This app provides courses, educational videos, study material, tests.

The question bank/quizzes is one of the key feature of this . It also helps students by providing previous papers and clear performance analysis of mock test Results.

  • Youth4work's CA - CPT IPCC

Youth4work's CA - CPT IPCC Final Exam Prep app is another good application. It provides mock test papers along with performance reports in addition it also provides tips & tricks for clearing exam with great marks.


Company Secretary is been regarded as most promising and recognized as Key Managerial Personnel at par with CEO,CFO, Managing Director and Whole time director Of an organization. Company secretary deals with legal aspect of it.


To be certified as Company secretary a candidate has to Clear Foundation, Executive and professional level from The Institute of Company secretaries of India (ICSI).


ArivuPro has list down the most useful mobile apps for CS students


  • CS Touch

 “CS Touch” Is developed for specially CS students. It is an education and learning based application, for the CS students and members of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

This app is widely used by CS aspirants for preparation of exam. CS touch app is well received by most of the students.


 As we know, CS students will be giving their examination through computer based examination for CS Foundation and CS Executive Programme Examination. ICSI CS PREP is Developed so that CS students can utilise this app by taking consecutive consists of mock tests, online classes and  test series

  • ICSI Company secretaries prep

ICSI Company secretaries prep is one of the best application for every CS student. This application provides best e books & e content for all the CS aspirants. It will also help you in test preparation by enabling you to take free mock tests and videos that will help students during their preparation phase. 



 With the dream of suffixing your name with ACCA designation by clearing the required examination, Arivupro lists downs most useful mobile applications that every ACCA student should have in their mobile phone.

ACCA Students ,who are working hard to clear all the 13 papers that is being divided into 4 levels we bring you the most useful app by every ACCA aspirant :



 It is highly recommended for Every ACCA student to have this application in their smart phone.

Student Accountant app benefits ACCA students by providing many features such as Exam advice by experts (they shall help you in proper planning and providing strategies for the exam), important updates for upcoming exams.


In addition Student Accountant App also provides technical updates, news with regards to accounting world and mainly it helps ACCA students to attempt quizzes, videos and podcasts and many more that might be very much useful for every ACCA students.



 This is the second best application that is being used by Most of the ACCA aspirants as well as ACCA Professional is PROFESSIONAL INSIGHTS.

ACCA’s Professional app gives you access to research and reports that concerns with profession and latest analysis and view Points on issues that are crucial for business, economies, society and the accountancy profession.

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