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The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) conducts CS Foundation, CS Executive, CS Professional Examination for those students who wish to become a Company Secretary in one of the esteemed organisation or Even start their own Legal Firm for that matter. CS Examination is Conducted June and December Every Year.

The following are certain DO'S and DON'TS while preparing for CS Executive examination:


  • ICSI MODULE : Consider it to be God mother of all CS executive books out there. Nothing shall be asked out of ICSI module or regardless of the question the exam format shall be same. You can choose to refer other books for reference but your emphasis Should be ICSI MODULE only.
  •  1 THEORY-1 PRACTICAL : Try to Follow this as much as you can ie 1 theory and 1 practical approach while studying. Why? Let’s consider you decide to study company law for whole day and as you start , it might keep you interested for a while as the clock ticks to noon you’ll start to feel sleepy, drowsy and that shall become ineffective. So it is always suggested to follow 1 theory and 1 practical a day while Studying.
  •   LAST YEAR QUESTION PAPER/SCANNER : CS Executive Students are advised to solve last year question paper as much as possible as it shall increase their confidence level. In addition, it will give you idea as to how questions are asked in the CS Executive Exam.
  •  FOCUS ON HIGH WEIGHTAGE CHAPTERS : They say “Hardwork and Smartwork go hand in hand in order to achieve a target” . CS Executive syllabus being so vast, it is difficult for a student to know 100% thoroughly, So you should try to focus mostly on high weightage chapters and also have suffice knowledge of low weightage chapters as well.

  •  REVISE : This is one of the most obvious reason for a positive CS Executive result. I am sure if you are taking coaching classes online/offline most of your faculties would have told you to revise. Make sure you revise syllabus on weekly, monthly basis or as often as you can.
  •  LEGAL LANGUAGE : In theory papers such as Company law, Economics and Commercial Laws and Auditing it is important that you should follow language while answering the paper. there are higher chances that you shall be given additional marks compared a answer written vaguely.
  • AMENDMENTS : Make sure you follow-up with all the recent updates from ICSI official website specially with regards to the ICSI examinations.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT : I know you might think of “its easier said than its done” But that’s the key of every CS Executive topper. They could manage time well in the examination and that helped them in attempting most of the questions. Focus on attempting those questions which you are sure shot secondly, focus on questions which you know at least 60% -70% then, go for questions which you don’t know.


    • SELECTIVE TOPICS : Most of the students try to focus on only selective topics depending on their respective interest towards to the subject. Don’t ever do that as you should give importance equally for every subject.
    • OUTDATED MATERIAL : CS Executive students who are giving attempt after 1-2 attempts tend to study from the same old book which is outdated and they realise that was mistake after going to exam hall. thus, study from the latest ICSI Module.
    • DON’T SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON ANY QUESTION OR TOPIC : if you are unable to understand a topic or chapter make sure you ask from your friends or teachers. Thus, this will save your time and you can focus on your strengthen subjects
    • DON’T PANIC : Little nervousness is good as it shows you are serious about it and it matters to you so its positive stress, but if its severe stress and you panic resulting in low performance in the examination hall . CS Executive students, keep your cool and give your best shot !
    • · DISTRACTION : Shut down your phone for few months. What’s a big deal in it ? Your friends can wait, your Instagram followers can wait, your parties can wait they Ain’t going anywhere but if you study hard its definite that you will be going to your next level.
    ArivuPro wishes you all the very best for CS Executive Dec 2019 exam.

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    Happy Learning !

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